10 Most Beautiful Buildings in the World

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Maybe You will be amazed to see one of these most beautiful buildings in the world in the first time. One of the most advanced parameter of civilizations development is how beautiful of the building that can built. Here’s the most beautiful building in the world taken from the old and new civilizations.

10. TWA Flight Center, John F. Kennedy Airport, Queens, New York, US

Futuristic airport terminal worked by Eero Saarinen is very neat and reminds us of the cartoon The Jetsons. This place also represents the glittering luxury of American air travel in the past. TWA Flight Center also used for a scene in Steven Spielberg’s film entitled Catch Me if You Can.

TWA Flight Center John F Kennedy Airport

TWA Flight Center John F Kennedy Airport

9. Wiblingen Abbey Library, Ulm, Baden-Wurttemberg Province, Germany

Grandeur and luxury of Rococo art style buildings is in the category of “you should see it just can not believe”. Even the critics had to admit his admiration for the quiet library, but “lively”.

Wiblingen Abbey Library Ulm Baden Wurttemberg

Wiblingen Abbey Library Ulm Baden Wurttemberg

8. Golden Pavilion, Kyoto, Honshu Island, Japan

Dramatic effect of the gold-colored leaves around the building is reflected by the water pool that surrounds the pavilion. So the pool is called Pond of mirror. Though quite “bright”, this building provides a very peaceful atmosphere.

Golden Pavilion Kyoto Honshu Island Japan

Golden Pavilion Kyoto Honshu Island Japan

7. Jantar Mantar, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Planetarium from the 17th century. It played an important role to predict astronomical and meteorological events in the area. The most amazing locations is a tool of the sun clock called Samrat Yantra.

Jantar Mantar Jaipur Rajasthan India

Jantar Mantar Jaipur Rajasthan India

Planetarium from the 17th century. It played an important role to predict astronomical and meteorological events in the area. The most amazing locations is a tool of the sun clock called Samrat Yantra.

6. 30 St. Mary Axe, London, United Kingdom

Modern skyscrapers in the City of London, England, is shaped like a missile or a cucumber. While some people ridicule the strange design, some are struck by its authenticity. With the size of three times higher than Niagara Falls, the building is also called The Gherkin and is not the place for those who are afraid of heights.

30 St Mary Axe London

30 St Mary Axe London

5. Opera de Arame, Curitiba, Parana, Brazil

Unlike theater building in general, Opera de arame surrounded by steel poles and very transparent. This theater is also often use for the venue of several important plays in the country. Although very beautiful if you visit during the day, this building was even more spectacular with the light at night.

Opera de Arame Curitiba Parana Brazil

Opera de Arame Curitiba Parana Brazil

4. Majolica House, Wina, Austria

Appropriate description for this building is strange, striking, and really amazing. Designed by Otto Wagner, Majolica House is one of the best masterpieces from the Art Nouveau movement.

Majolica House Wina Austria

Majolica House Wina Austria

3. Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon, Myanmar

Tradition of donating gold to the pagoda in the 15th century ago produced a satisfactory result. Decorated with thousands of diamonds and rubies, the exterior is on of the art masterpieces that can not be defeated. With the different concept of the interior design with ver nice ceiling and ornaments of ancient Buddhist relic.

Shwedagon Pagoda Yangon Myanmar

Shwedagon Pagoda Yangon Myanmar

2. Hoover Dam, Black Canyon, Colorado River, US

The dam that located between the state of Arizona and Nevada is a miracle of modern architecture. The building is famous for its art deco design, beautiful and emphasizes simplicity. Not only the exterior, the inside of this building is very beautiful. The reason, floors made of Indian patterned terrazzo marble.

Hoover Dam Black Canyon

Hoover Dam Black Canyon

1. Mezquita de Cordoba, Kordoba, Spain

Mezquita, or Mosque of Cordoba is cathedral that previously is a mosque. Completion of complex construction of the cathedral took more than two centuries. Curved pillars with pinto colors, dazzling mosaics and rows of endless made of onyx and marble are a few reasons why we must stop to this place.

Mezquita de Cordoba

Mezquita de Cordoba

Do You want to stop on one of those most beautiful buildings in the world in your next Holiday?

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Michael Jackson film, is going to be a “Thriller”

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When the King of pop died, for weeks his death topped the news around the world.

“Jackson’s posthumous earnings have been bolstered by shrewd negotiations by his estate, including a merchandising deal and the rights to his name and likeness for the Sony film This Is It, which grossed over a quarter of a billion dollars,” Forbes said.

Forbes also reported that the superstar has earned $275 million since his death, putting him at the top of Forbes list of the Top Earning Dead Celebrities. Michael’s earnings were more than the other 12 people on the list combined, including Elvis Presley and John Lennon, thanks to the “shrewd negotiations” of his estate.

Now, there’s a bidding war going on for the king’s 14-minute video, “Thriller” which was released in 1983. The video showed the singer transform into a werewolf cat, before a flurry of zombies break into a dance routine. Lionsgate and Fox 2000 is said to want the rights to the film, while The Hangover’s co-writer Jeremy Garelick is said to be working on a script.

Despite John Landis being the original director for the “Thriller” video, Kenny Ortega is said to be lined up to direct the project. Since “Thriller” is set to be transformed into a film, several continues to compete for the rights to transform it into a film.

Either way I'm sure the film will be a "Thriller"

This news coming just prior to the set release of Jackson's Cd set that is to be available in November 2010. (allvoices)

‘My Time to Die in This Place Has Come’

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Yogyakarta. His body was bent in prayer, shrouded in gray ash from the mountain he had dedicated his life to guarding.

Search and rescue workers found Mbah Maridjan’s body early on Wednesday morning, inside his home in the decimated remains of Kinahrejo village, on the slope of the mountain where he said he would die.

The fabric of his batik shirt and sarong was fused to his skin by the 1,000-degree Celsius heat clouds that blasted through his home. Around him lay the bodies of those who had tried to save him.

He is survived by his wife, Ponirah, 73, and five children.

Broto Seno, commander of Yogyakarta’s search and rescue team, said the 83-year-old spiritual gatekeeper of Mount Merapi died almost instantly. “There were no signs of pain. His body was prostrated rigidly, not like he suffered from the fire,” he said.

Speaking on behalf of the Yogyakarta Palace, Gusti Prabukusumo, the brother of Sultan Hamengkubuwono X, said they had a premonition of his fate.

“We knew long ago that Mbah Maridjan would be taken by Merapi. Now he’s gone, we have to choose a new gatekeeper soon,” he said.

The successor, he added, could either be a descendant of the previous gatekeeper or one of his surviving assistants.

Mbah Maridjan himself was the son of a Merapi gatekeeper. He replaced his father in 1982, when he was 50. Locals believe that the gatekeeper, usually an elderly person, has the power to speak to the spirits of the volcano.

In a recent interview, Mbah Maridjan said he was appointed by the sultan to “mediate with the spirits of the mountain.”

“My job is to stop lava from flowing down. Let the volcano breathe, but not cough,” he said.

He was known for his dedication and loyalty to the sultan, as well as stubbornness.

During an eruption in 2006, he also refused to leave his village despite the sultan’s orders, saying it was his traditional and spiritual duty to stay.

“If I evacuate when asked I would not be honoring my duty,” he told police, according to an Agence France-Presse reporter there at the time. But he suffered for it.

“I survived, but was burned and the building collapsed on me. I was in the hospital for five months. I had a lot of operations and now my hands, which were seriously burned, look like this,” he said, holding up fingers almost melted together.

In the days leading to Tuesday, the same steadfast stubbornness was witnessed by many who tried to convince him to evacuate.

A close friend and fellow paranormal, Wangsafyudin, also known as Ki Demang, said he visited Mbah Maridjan on Friday, asking him to leave.

“He said he couldn’t because he had a responsibility, and that because ‘my time to die in this place has almost come, I can’t leave,’ ” he said.

In the final minutes before Merapi erupted on Tuesday afternoon, 13 people were still in his home trying to convince him to evacuate.

They were all found dead with him.

Among them were Yuniawan Nugroho, 42, head of news portal Vivanews’s political desk, and Tutur Priyatno, 36, a volunteer for the Yogyakarta branch of the Indonesian Red Cross.

Article Source: Thejakartaglobe

The top 10 "hottest" Indonesian celebrities

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This list is organised according to how often pictures of famous actresses, models and celebrities have been viewed by the legions of visitors at Cari Artis.com. It attempts, totally unscientifically, to aggregate the number of views for each person's images in the first 10 pages/120 images of the "Most Viewed" section.

Meet girls somewhat similar to these at Meet at IndonesiaMatters.

1. Revalina S Temat

Revalina S Temat

The winner on balance, with dozens of "most viewed" entries in the first 120 of the most popular list (although her first entry only appears at 6th), is Miss Revalina S Temat, who this writer ignorantly admits to having never heard of. It appears more than a few local men like the nice, sweet looking Indonesian girls over the more sexy type.

2. Acha Septriasa

Acha Septriasa

In second place comes somebody called Acha Septriasa, who first appears at 4th on the most viewed list but also has many other listings through the first 10 pages.

3. Agnes Monica

Agnes Monica

The inexplicably popular Agnes Monica has her first entry at 2nd, with +41,000 views, and has a few other listings further down.

4. Nia Ramadhani

Nia Ramadhani

Another sweet young thing, Nia Ramadhani has some considerable support.

5. Tiara Lestari

Tiara Lestari

Old favourite Tiara Lestari has the number 1 most popular image but few others in the list.

6. Chelsea Olivia

Chelsea Olivia

Chelsea Olivia has quite a few listings down the nether regions of the top 120.

7. Bunga Lestari

Bunga Citra Lestari

Bunga Citra Lestari appears to be a singer and has a number of scandalous looking photos on the list.

8. Nadine Chandrawinata

Nadine Chandrawinata

Miss Indonesia 2006 Nadine Chandrawinata still exercises the fascination that nearly all beauty pageant winners in Indonesia do. She has the 3rd top listing at 38,280 views, and two or three more in the top 120.

9. Dian Sastro

Dian Sastro

A suprisingly weak performance from Dian Sastro, with only one listing in the top 120, at 5th, suggesting the Cari Artis hordes may not be such good judges after all.

10. Julia Perez

Julia Perez

Julia Perez seems to score on the list mainly for the amount of her flesh on display.

Honourable mentions also go out to Ratu Felisha, Sarah Azhari, and Alexandra Joanna.

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How to Make Fresh Orange Juice

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Preparing orange juice may be one of the easiest tasks, and it you may or may not need to use a juicer. There are a number of different strategies which can be used to make the juice which is one of the most popular types of juices to make because of it's high nutritional value and great taste. If you want to make juice, but are not sure which kind to make, then you'll definitely want to consider making some fresh orange juice. This article will let you know how to juice the oranges with using juicer of any kind.

You'll want to start by gathering up enough oranges to make a good amount of juice. Gently squeeze the oranges to get them softened up. This will make the actual juicing step much easier because it will make the oranges easier to work with. Wash the oranges thoroughly, cut them in half, and then remove any seeds that can be found within the orange.

With an orange half in hand, cut in a circular motion around the orange to slightly separate the orange from the peel. Do not cut the orange fruit completely out of the peel. Next with the orange in hand again, face the fruit downward and hold it over the serving pitcher and squeeze. The juice will run out of the orange half and into the pitcher. Rotate and squeeze the orange half until no more juice is produced from squeezing. Once this is done, you may cut the fruit portion out of the orange and place that into the serving pitcher as well for added pulp. Repeat this process with the remaining oranges and once you have a full pitcher of orange juice, place it in the refrigerator and chill until you are ready to serve it.

That's all there is to it. When you've completed this process you'll have a wonderful batch of orange juice ready to serve at any meal. There are other way to make orange juice, such as using juicers, but this is the quickest and easiest way to make a fresh batch of orange juice that can be placed directly on the table.

For information on the citrus juicer and other great products, visit Citrus-Juicer-Plus.com.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Matt_LeClair

Karzai firm on private security ban

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Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan's president, says he is "firm" on banning private security companies, despite pressure from the US-led alliance for him to back down.

Karzai stuck to his position on Sunday during a meeting of the National Security Council, attended by top UN and Nato officials, including General David Petraeus, the top US commander in the country.

After hearing proposals from foreign representatives arguing for the continued presence of some security companies, Karzai responded that the private companies were a cause of insecurity. He said that he had already allowed for their continued presence in the country longer than his government wished.

"Five years ago, I raised the issue with our international friends who said it was impossible then and threatened to close down reconstruction projects; two years later, I again discussed the issue and asked the international community for co-operation," he said.

“Now, the government of Afghanistan is decisive to disband the private security companies and therefore ask our international partners for practical and sincere co-operation.”

The ban is to come into force in December.

Intense pressure

Private security firms have been unpopular in Afghanistan because of their involvement in high-profile shootings and other incidents.

According to James Bays, Al Jazeera's correspondent in the capital, Kabul, Karzai had been under intense diplomatic pressure from the Nato alliance on the issue.

"Behind the scenes there's been a great deal of effort to try and persuade the president to change his mind, to modify this decree," Bays said.

While Karzai will allow private security to continue for diplomats and military bases, "he hasn't changed the rules for aid agencies, for humanitarian workers, for construction workers – all who rely on private security to do their jobs every single day here in Afghanistan."

Afghan authorities have already stopped issuing visas for private security employees, and some development projects have been halted.

"Private security companies have had a bad name, both here and in Iraq, but private security companies are how aid agencies get their work done," he reported.

"Western diplomats say that's a very very worrying situation."

Hillary Clinton, US secretary of state, had called Karzai on Saturday and recommended the United States and Afghanistan develop a plan to replace private security guards gradually, rather than enforce a ban that could threaten millions of dollars in aid work.

A US senate inquiry into private security in Afghanistan concluded this month that funds had sometimes been funneled to warlords who were linked to the Taliban, murder and kidnapping. (aljazeera)

Indonesia confirms Papua torture

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Indonesia has admitted the men in the video are members of the military.

Indonesia has admitted that the men seen torturing Papuan villagers in a video uploaded on the internet earlier this week are members of the military.

The minister for security said the soldiers' actions were excessive and unprofessional. He added that the soldiers would be punished.

An investigation is continuing.

The graphic video has caused international outrage and raised concerns about the US's recent decision to renew ties with Indonesia's army.

The grainy and badly-shot footage, uploaded on the website of Hong Kong-based Asian Human Rights Commission, shows two men dressed in military uniforms, kicking and abusing indigenous Papuan villagers.

The men are seen interrogating the villagers, and accusing them of having links to rebel groups and separatists.

The second part of the video shows a Papuan man tied up on the ground, being tortured by a group of unidentifiable men.

A man holds a knife to the victim's face and neck as he is repeatedly kicked and questioned.

'Grave abuses'

The video momentarily shows his genitals being scorched with a burning stick.

The rest of the footage is edited out because, according to a statement on the website, the images are too disturbing.

Djoko Suyanto, the Indonesian Co-ordinating Minister for Security, said that the soldiers had reason to believe the Papuan villagers they caught were dangerous.

"The excessive actions that we have seen in this video, which has been spread on the internet, and on YouTube, show unprofessional conduct by members of our military in the field.

"But the soldiers suspected that the Papuan men they had caught are members of groups who have committed violent actions before in Papua. They found weapons on them when they were caught," he said.

But human rights groups say the Papuan villagers who were tortured were farmers.

They add that this video is evidence of the grave abuses committed by the Indonesian military in Papua, where a small group of rebels have waged a low level war for independence for decades.

There is a significant military presence in Papua, which the government says is necessary to maintain security in the province because of the existence of separatist groups.

The military has consistently rejected allegations that it is guilty of human rights abuses in Papua. (BBC News Indensia)

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